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Help with PDF and MIDI Files

PDF Files (Adobe Portable Document Format)
The music files are in Portable Document Format (PDF).  You need Acrobat Reader from Adobe to read these documents.  Many computers have this software pre-installed.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe website to download a free copy from
MIDI Files
If you cannot play the MIDI files or the volume is very low we recommend downloading and installing WinAmp from  This should allow you to playback the MIDI files.  If you still have trouble increasing the volume (especially on older computers) please do the following:
1.    Start WinAmp
2.    Go to Options / Preferences / Plug-ins / Input / Nullsoft MIDI Player v3.55
3.    Click Configure
4.    Under Device look for DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with Output) and select it.
5.    Under Volume Control select one that starts with the word Speakers.
6.    If the options for #4 and #5 above don’t appear, try different settings until the WinAmp music player plays MIDI files with sufficient volume.



Dostojno Jest' No. 3 - L'vova (Slavonic) midi
Eis Polla Eti Dhespota (Trio) - Dmytro Bortniansky (Greek) midi
Eis Polla Eti Dhespota No.1,2 & 3 - Unknown (Greek) midi
Prijidite Poklonimsja - Archijerejskoje (Slavonic) midi
Svjatyj Boze - Trio - Fr. Michael Tidick (English/Slavonic) midi
Ton Despotin - (Greek) midi


A New Commandment - Plain Chant (English/Slavonic) midi
Bless O Lord Thy Servants - Degtjarov/W.&I.Soroka (English) midi
Bohorodice D'ivo - Strokina (Slavonic) midi
Carju Nebesnyj - Traditional Chant (Slavonic) midi
Carju Nebesnyj - Fr. Michael Tidick (Slavonic) midi
Carju Nebesnyj - 4 Part Chant - Fr. Michael Tidick (Slavonic) midi
Carju Nebesnyj - Concert Selection - Unknown (Slavonic) midi
Chvalite Imja Hospodne - A. Arkhangelsky (Slavonic) midi
Duch Svjatyj - Before Sermon - Fr. Michael Tidick (Slavonic) midi
Hymn for Protection/Pod Tvoj Pokrov - Chant/Fr. Stephen Dutko (English/Slavonic) midi
Hymn to Saint Michael - Chant/Fr. Stephen Dutko (English/Slavonic) midi
K Bohrodici Pril'izno - A. Arkhangelsky (Slavonic) midi
Kol Slaven Nas - D. Bortniansky (English/Slavonic) midi
Krestu Tvojemu - Traditional (Slavonic) midi
Lord Now Lettest Thou (St. Simeon) - A. Arkhangelsky/E. Sedor (English) midi
Many Years - Kijevskoje/W. Fairchok (English) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Vasiljeva No. 1 (Slavonic (Bass-Bold)) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Vasiljeva No. 1 (Slavonic (Sop-Bold)) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Vasiljeva No. 1 (Slavonic (Alto-Bold)) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Vasiljeva No. 1 (Slavonic (Tenor-Bold)) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Vasiljeva No. 1 (Slavonic (Small Font)) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Kijevskoje/W. Fairchok (Slavonic) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Turcaninova (Slavonic) midi
Mnohaja L'ita - Rev. V. Starorussky (Slavonic) midi
Nyni Otpuscajesi - A. Arkhangelsky (Slavonic) midi
O Heavenly King - Fr. Tidick/Sedor's (English) midi
O Heavenly King - Traditional-Chant (English) midi
O Heavenly King - 4 Part Chant - Fr. Michael Tidick (English) midi
O Lord Save They People - Traditional (English) midi
Pod Tvoju Milost - Bachmeteva (Slavonic) midi
Praise Ye the Name of the Lord - A. Arkhangelsky (English) midi
Psalm of Praise/Psalm 100 - A. Turenkov/Fr. M. Tidick (English) midi
Spasi Hospodi Ludi Tvoja - Traditional (Slavonic) midi
Tebe Boha Chvalim - Dmytro Bortniansky (Slavonic) midi
Virgin Birth-Giver of God - Strokina (English) midi
Vsi Tja Chory/Hosts of Angels - Traditional (English/Slavonic) midi
Wedding Prokimenons Set No.1 - (English) midi
Wedding Prokimenons Set No.2 - (English) midi
You Are The God - Traditional Chant (English/Slavonic) midi
Your Cross - Traditional (English) midi


I Will Praise - Bortnyansky (English) midi

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