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A Cappella Choir Music

Known throughout the diocese and the area for its excellence, St. Michael's Choir has been a leader in its renditions of the magnificent choral music shared by the Orthodox faithful. The choir has remastered their two original 1964 vinyl recordings into CD formats.  They feature the late Msgr. Stephen Dutko as celebrant and the late Archon Edward Sedor as choir director.  There are two different CDs available for purchase.  The 1st contains excerpts of the Divine Liturgy, sung in Church Slavonic.  The 2nd CD features Christmas Carols, Lenten Hymns, and assorted Easter selections sung in both Slavonic and English.  The cost of each CD is $15.00, which includes shipping.  Checks should be made payable to St. Michael's Choir

Dutko Scholarship Display Case
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