St. Michael's Orthodox Church
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese
Binghamton, New York
February 18, 2024 Parish Meeting

Preparation for 2024 Annual Parish Meeting
The bylaws are clear that the annual parish meeting is to happen in February. The bylaws also state that to conduct parish business a quorum of 35 is needed. The Annual Parish Meeting will be scheduled for February 18, 2024. Coffee and snacks will be served. The meeting will be kept as brief as possible. All presentation materials will be available two weeks prior by either picking up a package in the church office or sending an email to and requesting an electronic version of the materials. At the meeting, presentations are not going to be made. The content is in the package. For each agenda item, discussion will be limited to 5 minutes. If there are nocontestedboardposi3onsandnonomina3ons from the floor, the en3re slate of new officers will be done with a single vote.
Any parishioner wishing to submit a proposal to amend the bylaws, must submit their proposed change(s) in wri3ng to Parish President Randy May by 6PM on Sunday Jan 21, 2024. The contact informa3on for Randy May is phone number 607 621-5113 and email Shellee May and Carole Paccio are now accep3ng names for nomina3on to the 2024 parish board.

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