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Liturgical Music Overview

We at St. Michael's want to share these beautiful RESTORED choral liturgical scores of our Orthodox faith with all PEOPLE.

Our SCORES are old.  Many were written in cursive, some with very small typewriter fonts, faded, patched with tape, only presented by choral sections, etc.  New technology has provided us with a method to RESTORE these worn pages.  On each of the scores we attempt to accurately identify the composer and source of our material.

References used during the RESTORATION include our own Diocesan THE DIVINE LITURGY OF SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, THE DIVINE LITURGY of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, New York City (published by Byzantine Seminary Press) and Prayer Book CHLIB DUSI, By Alexander Duchnovic.  We accept the fact that at times each reference provided a slightly different translation of the lyrics.  You will notice that we were unable to provide the CARKA "v" above the C's, S's, Z's, N's, etc. as required in Slavonic.  Please use the references and provide the CARKA on your masters before distributing copies.  Note that the "C" in CARKA should have a "v" over it.

We are thankful and grateful to all Choir Masters and especially to the late Msgr.  Michael Tidick and Edward Sedor who were the major contributors to copies of our choral selections. 

It is satisfying to look back at over 50 years of Choir participation... over half the existence of St. Michael's. The 100th Anniversary was celebrated during 2004.

We pray your parish has a person that has access to a computer.  Do not be concerned if the screen showing the PDF you selected has some lines in the staff that are highlighted (look bolder that other lines).  When you print the PDF, this variation will not exist.  Your Ole Timer's, Baba's and Dido's, will appreciate the larger font!

After four years RESTORING and providing PDF™s of these beautiful compositions, we are extremely happy to provide MIDI so that you can HEAR the music!  Since we always sing a cappella, we had to decide what instruments to use in the MIDI playback.  Looking up at the ceiling directly above our choir is an icon of four angels.  Each angel is depicted with a different instrument.  The instruments are: a hand held harp, a mandolin, a cello and a violin. Therefore, we selected a string quartet for most compositions. We used chimes and violin for some plain chant (prostopinije) scores.  To HEAR a playback, just click on midi at the end of the description of the desired composition.



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