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With regard to religious education, even in the time of Coronavirus, our beloved +Metropolitan Gregory offers the following encouragement in Protocol N.33-22-Aug27:

"...the next most important time and place for religious education of our youth is in Sunday School. This is the time and place where our beloved teachers offer additional information about our Orthodox Faith, its practices and traditions. The lives of Saints and their icons are examined. Feast days of the Church are studied for their importance and relevance in our lives. Life issues are presented and morals are reinforced by presenting them in the context of the Orthodox Faith. This time is very important in the Orthodox understanding and the spiritual development of our children. It must take priority in their lives Sunday morning.

As we enter the Ecclesiastical New Year on September 1/September 14 we must renew our efforts to educate our young people. In this time of the Coronavirus it might seem easier to delay things until things get better, whatever that means, but we cannot afford this delay. Our children are most important to us. Let us do whatever is necessary not only for their spiritual development, but also their physical protection."

We have been working hard to make options available for continued experiences for students through St. Michael's Church School Program. Please take a moment to complete the Google Form to confirm students' information and intent to participate in our program. We encourage you to return to this page often to check for updates and resources. Thank you for your support!

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