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American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese
Binghamton, New York
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Overview of church groups

St. Michael's parish family is a community of Christians who profess the faith of the Eastern Orthodox Church, established by Our Lord and His Apostles. St. Michael's was founded in 1904.


The parish offers a wide variety of religious educational programs for children from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. Students meet each Sunday morning in the Fall, Winter and Spring in the classroom facilities of St. Michael's Recreation Center following the Divine Liturgy. Each Winter, all students participate in the traditional St. Nicholas celebration and Christmas Pageant. In addition to classrooms for the students, youngsters also have access to the Richard J. Dutko Memorial Library facilities at the Recreation Center. The library contains a collection of both religious and secular volumes, as well as audio-visual equipment. Students who complete the entire program of studies are candidates for scholarship assistance for collegiate studies. Boys and girls in the parish are also able to participate in a wide range of activities in the Diocesan summer programs at Camp Nazareth in Mercer, Pennsylvania. More than 24 boys also participate in the parish "Knights of the Altar" program. In addition to learning to serve as altar boys, they learn to chant the Nicene Creed and to lead the traditional congregational Plain Chant melodies of various services in the parish. Each summer, they also participate in the Diocesan Altar Boy Retreat Program. The Altar Boys also provide scholarship assistance for their peers who study for the Holy Priesthood at the Diocesan Seminary of Christ the Saviour in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Already 10 young men from St. Michael' s Church have been ordained priests. Parish boys and girls are also encouraged to participate in the junior and senior varsity basketball programs. The teams compete each year in the popular Triple Cities Orthodox/Catholic Basketball League at St. Michael's Recreation Center. Youngsters also enjoy learning ethnic dances from Central and Eastern Europe as members of the parish's renown dance group, "The Carpathians."


St. Michael's offers a wide variety of activities for adults including:

LADIES GUILD: This organization of women, is committed to serve the needs of the parish as well as the diocese. The Ladies Guild also provides social and cultural activities for its members.

A CAPPELLA CHOIR: Known throughout the diocese and the area for its excellence, St. Michael's Choir has been a leader in its renditions of the magnificent choral music shared by the Orthodox faithful. The choir has remastered their two original 1964 vinyl recordings into CD formats.  They feature the late Msgr. Stephen Dutko as celebrant and the late Archon Edward Sedor as choir director.  There are two different CDs available for purchase (click here).  The 1st contains excerpts of the Divine Liturgy, sung in Church Slavonic.  The 2nd CD features Christmas Carols, Lenten Hymns, and assorted Easter selections sung in both Slavonic and English.  The cost of each CD is $15.00, which includes shipping.  Checks should be made payable to St. Michael's Choir

SCHOOL GUILD: Consisting of parents, friends and teachers, the group is committed to providing the means to supporting and enriching the religious educational programs of the parish. The School Guild also encourages fellowship within the parish family by hosting the Sunday "Coffee Hour" following Divine Liturgy. In addition, it operates a Gift Shoppe providing prayer books, icons, crosses and other religious materials for the parish family.

SENIOR ACRY: The diocesan youth organization is committed to spiritual, educational, athletic and cultural activities at the parish, deanery and diocesan levels. Activities include bowling, outings and deanery and national conventions. The chapter also hosts the popular "Festival of Hearts" February dinner dance for the parish and community at large. It seeks to LIVE its motto: Forever Forward and Heavenward!

ADULT STUDY PROGRAM: In the Fall and Spring, classes are provided for adults interested in taking another look at the depth and richness of their Orthodox Christian faith. Sessions center on dimensions of scripture, history, theology and contemporary moral issues.

ST. MICHAEL'S PIROHI CLUB: For more than three decades, people of Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott, New York, have enjoyed the Lenten "Labor of Love" that is the catalyst for St. Michael's famous Pirohi. During the weeks of Lent, more than 100 parish volunteers meet to peel potatoes , mix dough, and fill, pinch and cook pirohi for thousands of pirohi lovers in the area. Under the leadership of St. Michael's beloved Pastor Emeritus, Msgr. Stephen Dutko, the group enjoys an annual summer outing at an area park. By-the-way, in case you don't know what pirohi are: Well, something like dumplings filled with either fried cabbage, mashed potatoes with cheese, lekvar, cottage cheese....then boiled and garnished with butter and sautéed onions...yummy! P.S. They can be baked, deep fried, or boiled.....boiled are the most popular.

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